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About Us

At the age of 7, Josh began working bees with his father. From that moment on, he knew he was created to be a beekeeper.

17 years later, Josh and Briesa were gifted 8 hives as a wedding gift. Today they run a modest 500 hives (+ or -) in which they produce raw honey, queen bees, and pollination services. 


As a husband and wife team, Josh and Briesa Ruby are committed to supplying the patrons of Florida with the highest quality raw honey possible, void of flash-heating, pasteurization, chemicals, and any other unnatural processes or additives.


During the spring, fall, and winter, their hives are moved around between Collier, Hendry, Glades, Lee, and Highlands County. This is to obtain the highest quality and best varieties of honey and pollen in south Florida.

In the summer months, the Ruby's take their whole bee operation to southern Michigan (click to learn more)

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